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Download Mafia 3 Save Game for PC

Mafia 3 Save Game

Mafia III is the new blockbuster title developed by the studio Hangar 13 (part of 2K Games), released on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, which respects the tradition of the previous chapters and puts the plot and the setting at the center of everything. Mafia 3 is the third installment of the internationally acclaimed video game ...

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Homefront: The Revolution +9 Trainer Download

Homefront The Revolution Trainer

Deep Silver has brought us yet another battle in its Homefront game series, named as ‘Homefront: The Revolution’. Launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox, the game take us back to the first person shooter open-world war against a superior military force and to lead the Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare. The story shows us that United States has been on ...

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Download Doom 4 Save Game

Doom Save Game

Doom 4 (aka Doom 2016) is the fourth installment in Doom series by Id Software. The first person action game brings us interesting weapons, new challenges, fearsome and Relentless demons enemies, and much more that will keep you stuck with your console. You also get multiplayer Deathmatch mode along with DOOM SnapMap game editor using which you can create or ...

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Doom 4 Trainer (+7) Download

Doom 4 Trainer

Developed by Id Software, Doom 4 is obviously the 4th installment of ZeniMax Media’s first-person shooter Action genre Doom game series. The game is launched for PC, Xbox and PS4 consoles. If you have played any of the earlier installments of this game, you must know that Doom 4 is much more brutal and and challenging then earlier. It brings ...

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Dark Souls 3 Save Game Download

Dark Souls Saves

Earlier we posted +17 Trainer for Dark Souls 3. And now, here is the Save Game file for the same. You can download the Save files from this page in just one click. No surveys, nothing else. It is just a genuine one click download to your desktop. If you are playing Dark Souls III and stuck somewhere, just get ...

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Dark Souls 3 Trainer +17 Download

Dark Souls 3

The developer, Bandai Namco Games has brought us yet another episode of Dark Souls. It is Dark Souls 3, the award winning RPG game.  Available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC consoles, Dark Souls III makes us to prepare to die again. We are put again in the world full of hidden secrets and traps, fearsome beasts and more. Unlike earlier ...

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Download Quantum Break +6 Trainer

Quantum Break

Developed by Remedy and published by Microsoft, Quantum Break is the new Action game launched for PC and Xbox One. The game offers you immersive sci-fi drama experience. Remember, Quantum Break is all about the time. Time is your greatest weapon and you will need the same to survive through out the game. The fast paced game offers you thrilling ...

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Download Hitman 2016 Trainer +4

Hitman Trainer

After so many Hitman games such as Blood Money, Silent Assassin, Codename 47, etc, finally we now have yet another and probably the most entertaining Hitman again for our consoles. The new Hitman (2016) was released for PC, Xbox and PS4 in March 2016 and thereafter we have several DLCs and Episodes for the same, so far. Released by Square ...

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Download Far Cry Primal 100% Save Game for PC

Far Cry Primal Saves

Far Cry Primal is as good as all the earlier episodes of this award-winning Far Cry franchise by Ubisoft. This time we are set back in 10,000 BC in the era of massive beasts and sabretooth tigers where Humans have no food chains. The only way is to hunt down the beast to get feed. We have to play as Takkar, ...

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Far Cry Primal +12 Trainer Download

Far Cry Primal Trainer

Ubisoftis back again with yet another amazing episode of award-winning action franchise Far Cry, named this time as Far Cry Primal. Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Far Cry Primal takes us back to the 10,000 BC putting us in the fight for humanity’s survival with its innovative open-world sandbox gameplay. Sounds crazy, isn’t it. Placed in the era ...

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