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MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier

Download Xiaomi MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier App APK

Chinese markets is well known for manufacturing Clone smartphones or all popular brands since years. No matter of it is Sony, Samsung, Nokia, or any Brand. As soon as they ...

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AirDroid 3

Download AirDroid 3 Beta for Android, Windows and Mac

AirDroid team has released Beta version of the AirDroid 3 for Windows and Max PCs, however it is for developers to test the functionality. But, even if you’re not a ...

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HTC Camera

Download HTC Camera app APK

HTC Officially released its own designed camera app which is available for HTC Smartphones in Google play store. Besides its only supported by selected HTC Smartphones with required hardware specifications ...

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Google Messenger

Download Google Standalone Messenger App APK

Download Google’s latest Messenger app for Android from our website, you can download it from Google’s Play Store or from the link given below, just click it and get your ...

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Hamilton's Adventure THD

Hamilton’s Adventure THD for Android

Hamilton’s Adventure THD is a action puzzler genre which is indeed an adventures game to play. The game was earlier available just for the PC however with the advances in ...

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Plants VS Zombies 2

Download Plants VS Zombies 2 APK for Android

The plants vs zombies 2 APK was released a few days back by pop cap games. The game is well designed and played by a huge number of players. The ...

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Puzzle Games for China Mobiles

  There is no official app store for China mobiles due to which the devices wont get any good games or apps like other smartphone platforms such as Android or ...

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Iron Fist Boxing for Android

Iron Fist Boxing is fighting game designed for android handset with a lot of cool features. The game is, as the name suggests, is a fighter game in which you ...

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